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Helping you to beat loadshedding and take back control of your power requirements.

We provide simple alternative power solutions for your home or business so that you are never without power.

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DC Powerpac Projects is a father and son owned and managed business which has been built on the principles of solid, reliable service and high levels of workmanship.

Founded in 2008 we pride ourselves on the quality of work that we produce. Our experience was formed in the telecommunication and cellular industry where reliable and efficient back-up power systems were required.

In this competitive arena we grew to provide solutions that incorporated engineering design and hands-on experience. Working on anything from a regular battery to huge battery banks, from various Chargers to big Rectifiers to alarms and monitoring.

This experience has enabled us today to provide solar, back-up and battery systems that are efficient, reliable and cost effective. We are confident that no better solution can be offered!

  • Design: We will plan the most efficient power system for you with the correct equipment and structures so that you can have total peace of mind that the job is done right.

  • Install: We can install and commission your system to ensure that it is functioning correctly and efficiently.

  • Monitor: Adopt a Pro-Active approach to assess and evaluate the performance of equipment.
Terry Dutton has accumulated almost 30 years of battery and Back-up power knowledge as well as the project planning and various interrelations between them. This has been further enhanced by his 18 years of specialising in the telecommunication and UPS industry. During this time he has structured his work in KZN to focus on support and service delivery. At the core of this relationship has been the objective to solve and improve technical problems that occur as well as ensure a high standard of workmanship. He has also been involved in establishing safe working and operating procedures in the industry and is widely considered an expert on battery performance.

Geoff Dutton has had 8 years of hands on experience in telecommunication power installations. He is a qualified installation electrician and trained to install, commission, solve fault conditions in live installations, manage help desk problems, and evaluate different circuit configurations for various critical installations.
We sell, install and design solar and battery back-up power solutions.

We will design and provide a system for you to ensure that you are never without power.

We offer systems for:

Home owner
Small, Medium and Large business
For the office
Telecommunication tower
Medical practises

If you need uninterrupted power then we will provide the right solution.
We always place our customer and their needs at the centre of our business approach and development.

Look for the most efficient and cost effective solution so that our customers always benefit.

We continue to identify and solve problem areas in backup time and improve a system of reliable power supply.

Advice – link between functionality and theory: There is often a gap between the design studio and the actual in-field practical conditions. We have a good relationship with the different role players and can work together with the design engineers as well as the ‘on the ground’ technicians. We understand these key relationships and help to bridge this gap. Making for an improved and easier managed solution.

Continue to strive for a culture of high standard of workmanship and responsibility.

Grow our knowledge base. Knowledge can be continuously improved by attending advanced training courses specific to the roles of back-up power supply. We can also create a culture of learning within our staff so that they may have an improved understanding of on-site conditions.

Always strive to improve our BBBEE status. This will improve the benefits to our staff and personnel development as well as community programmes.
Is load shedding costing your business money but you are unsure what the right solution is and whether you can afford it? We can give you the answer and work with your budget to solve it.


This is the answer for those who want to start with a smaller more cost effective system and build it up over time.

Start with some back-up batteries an inverter and charger to run just your essential equipment. As time passes and you have more to spend then why not add to it. Build in some solar panels, more back up batteries, add some controls and become more power independent.

We can scale up your power system when you are ready. Having control of your power is easy!

Our Plug-in & Use systems are exactly that. Simple and ready to use.

Your product will be pre-built and configured by us for your specific needs. Once it is delivered to you then you simply plug in the equipment you need and you will have backup power straight away. Simple.

We stock and source both DC and AC generators. To increase performance, efficiency and minimise cost we like to pair our generators to a hybrid system that incorporates a battery supply.

This hybrid combination means that generators have diminished running time, only working to charge the battery which allows the generator to operate at the most efficient load as well as saving fuel and wear and tear.

Another advantage is that the generator doesn’t have to be sized according to maximum peak load as the battery supply helps the generator to meet these peaks. Meaning that a smaller generator can be used to meet the power loads. Saving costs and improving efficiency.

Our partnership with Victron Energy means we carry their complete range of products. They have been industry leaders for over 30 years proving why European quality is so reliable. Please visit their website to find out more www.victronenergy.com/products


All in one solar power solution. It combines a MPPT solar charge controller, an inverter/charger and AC distribution in one enclosure. The product is easy to install with minimum wiring.


This is a top performer true sine wave inverter. It has been developed for the widest range of applications and will supply power, problem-free, to any load.


Victron Multi-Plus and Quattro Inverter chargers combine a powerful true sine wave inverter, a sophisticated battery charger featuring adaptive charge technology, with a high speed AC transfer all in a single compact enclosure. The Quattro can be connected to two independent AC sources (eg: AC utility mains and Generator) and will automatically connect to the active AC source.


Intelligent and reliable chargers that can meet your specific requirements. These Battery Chargers offer many features. From Adaptive charging to charging different sized battery banks and they allow you to have complete control and correct charging.


We offer a full range of Victron monitoring equipment and accessories including:

Battery monitoring
Current shunts
Battery Balancer
Full system control panel
Remote monitoring
Alarm configuration
Temperature compensation


We stock a complete range of batteries. Gel, AGM, 12V Tubular, OPZS Solar and Li-Ion.
Key accounts and areas of experience!

  • Vodacom

  • Telkom

  • Transnet

  • Broadband Infraco

  • eThekweni Muncipality

  • uShaka International Airport

  • Nashua Communications

  • SAPS and SANDF Radio and Communications